Organizational Values

We’re creative, collaborative, and intellectually honest in solving problems. We proactively propose hypotheses, then remain open-minded to new ideas and diverse perspectives.

Our mission requires velocity and agility. We recognize when decisions are reversible, so we move towards action rather than endless study. No plan survives first contact with reality; we expect to learn and adapt quickly.

We solve problems with simple, resourceful, high-quality solutions. We consider real-world circumstances, risks, and trade-offs. We do not take chances with people’s safety.

We run towards challenges with an ownership mentality, seeking solutions proactively. We take responsibility for outcomes, especially when things are tough. We never say, “someone else will handle it.”

We share success and setbacks as a team. While we won’t always agree, we “disagree and commit” to make outcomes successful. We hold one another blameless when things go wrong and work together to fix problems. Obstacles, crises, and failures are opportunities to reflect and grow.

We communicate directly and transparently. We debate the facts without getting personal and disagree without being disagreeable. We set up our colleagues for success by pairing honest feedback with empathy, compassion, and respect.

Our standards are incredibly high. We choose to work with people who inspire us with excellence, integrity, grit, and passion.

We’re bold, confident, and focused when we act and communicate. We do not accept the status quo and never say something is impossible. Thinking BIG is a self-fulfilling prophecy.